The Oregon Diversity Recruiting Council 

ODRC is a Non-Profit organization created to assist Oregon and SW Washington Corporations with diversity initiatives. Including:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Assessment
  • Diversity Recruiting
  • Promotion & Sponsorship
  • Retention and Sustainability
  • Cultural Competency


This council was established to actively engage diverse professionals of all disciplines in proactively seeking opportunities in the Oregon and SW. Washington marketplace.  It is our goal to assist employers with achieving their employment diversity goals by equipping them with the tools necessary to recruit and retain the absolute best talent that diversity has to offer.  We will help employers craft intentional recruiting methods that will attract candidates of a diverse background by utilizing the most innovative recruiting technology and techniques available in the market today.


  • INTEGRITY - Always seek the highest path toward progress.
  • INCLUSION - Appropriately attributing value to diverse cultures and experiences.
  • COMMUNITY - Caring about those we reach and reaching those we care about.
  • ​UNDERSTANDING - In all that we do, we seek an understanding through diverse contributors.
  • ​COMPETENCY - Insightful and qualified contributors to the success of those we serve.
  • CREATIVITY - Helping all to have presence and participation in the marketplace of ideas.
  • ​HONESTY - Unflinching. 


​Our members are made up of local and national diversity and recruiting experts.  Individuals volunteer their expertise in order to advance the mission of the ODRC.  Each member contributes to the services we offer to the market in a variety of ways; including articles, case studies, organizational benchmarks and goal setting.  Our diverse background includes all walks of life in order to properly address the needs and desires of our diverse community and Oregon & SW Washington employers.